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Relax Massager Machines And More
Holiday Top Sellers
Most Wanted & Top Selling Massagers still at 2014 prices!


We've put our highest rated and most popular leg massagers, foot baths and other "most wanteds" all in one place.

Massager Machine's most wanted and best sellers are still at 2014 prices.

Massagers and Gifts under $100
Gifts & Massagers Under $100

Affordable relaxation!

A wide variety of leg, back and neck massagers and relaxation gifts and even offering one of our populas Chi Swing Machiness all under $100!

Affordable, hugh quality massagers and relaxation goods for everyone on your list.

Get warm with heated massagers
It's cold! You need heat,

Stay warm this winter using our heated relaxation devices.
Foot baths with temperature control, heated leg massagers at the lowest prices of the year, and even a portable sauna. Let us help you stay warm this year.

Warm up with our heated massagers, foot baths and car seat massager!

Factory Closeout Prices  for Open Box / Display Items
Factory Closeout Prices for Open Box / Display Items

Top Selling products in guaranteed to work like they're brand new, but some at nearly half the cost of the new unopened items.
The same must have holiday foot massagers, leg and calf massagers, back massagers, handheld massagers and more.

Open box items with same repair warranty as their brand new version

Newly Added TENS UNits!
TENS Units for Pain Relief!

Relieve Back Pain using any one of our TENS Units. Portable and easy to use.

Relief from chronic back and body pain with easy to use TENS devices.


Massagers And Much More.

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We strive to provide you with great deals on top-of-the-line massager and relaxation products at up to 50% off retail prices. With so many items to choose from, it can be hard to know which leg massager, foot massager, or back massager is going to be the perfect fit for your needs. That's why we have a special section for you: How to Choose a Massager».

Innovative, affordable products for a personalized gift-giving experience, even if it's from you, to you!

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Massager Machines & More Reviews!

Good or bad, let us have it! We want to hear about your Massager Machines and More ordering experience, how your massagers or other products works for you (or doesn't work for you), and if your massager was the greatest thing since sliced bread, well, we sure would love to hear that too. From Real Customers! (Whom we bribed with vouchers if they were as kind as to give us some feed-back. We extend this offer to you as well.)

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Super Helpful

From: Shaun F., March 8

I had a $200 budget to work with for my girlfriend's birthday and so I called in to see if I could get any discounts and advice on the best products. The girl on the phone was awesome and super helpful, she helped me pick what my girlfriend would like and even checked their warehouse and sold me opened-box products for a huge discount off the brand new ones. I was able to get two massagers for what I was looking to spend on one.

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...beyond fantastic!

From: Grace K., February 18

Thank you so much for all of your kind help! My experience with your customer service has been beyond fantastic! Thanks again for everything!

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...truly lived up to your return policy...

From: Elisabeth S., January 20

Thank you! It was a pleasure doing business with you, even though the item didn't work out for us this time. I will highly recommend you to others. It is always a little nerve wracking to order things online but you guys truly lived up to your return policy and your customer service was great!

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great customer service

From: Laurie M., December 13

Thank you for the great customer service! I look forward to doing business with you in the future!

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...perfect service

From: Ann Marie, October 16

...perfect service, I even called for some info about the chi machine and got faxed info pretty fast. The delivery charges, I find very expensive.

Manager Comment: We think so too :( Shipping to Canada gets costly sometimes, but we're just charging what we pay the USPS. We actually ship USPS to Canada because it is even less expensive than the usual UPS ground we do in the lower 48.

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My wife is really enjoying her massager..

From: Gerald W., October 12

My wife is really enjoying her massager. She is a teacher and must be on her feet most of the day. When she gets home, the massager really relaxes her feet and lower legs..

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I sincerely am very pleased with your product.

From: Jim O., September 10

Ever since the 1st time when I put $0.50 into a public foot massager at a Dade County Fair in Florida, I had wanted to re-create that experience for me at home. A couple of years ago I bought a similar Homedics foot massager at Wall-mart. Where as is functioned similarly, in very little time some gel foot pads started to fall off.

Manager Comment: Jim bought the deep tissue massager. We absolutely love it here too and put the massagers under our desks when we work.

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-WOW- these folks have there returns policy in the right place.

From: Rhonda, October 7

Well, the massager was broken when I received it, the massage part did not work. When I contacted customer service about returning it, I was advised to keep it and use it as a non-massaging footstool and I was given a complete refund. This removed my consternation about what a pain it would be to return such a bulky item form a residential address (i.e. a special trip to town just to get this thing back on its way to you) and I thought - WOW- these folks have there returns policy in the right place.

Manager Comment: Because we carry great massagers that rarely arrive broken, we're truly mortified when that happens. If a product arrives damaged or broken, we'll pay to either ship it back here and send you out a replacement or give you a full refund. Rhonda's case was a little special.

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...very happy. It works great!

From: Mary L., October 3

My ordering experience with your business was a somewhat drawn out process, but very positive nonetheless. I ended up speaking with three of the customer service representatives and they were all so helpful in answering my MANY questions (I like to do thorough research before I make an online purchase, ensuring that I am getting a product that will perform exactly how I want it to and that I am getting the best price out there.) I initially was interested in a Shiastu Squeeze, but after testing out the Brookstone model that was similar and explaining my desire for a deep, intense foot massage, we all agreed that the Reflex Roller was probably better suited for me. I researched this product, decided to purchase it from you guys, received it quickly, and am very happy. It works great!

Manager Comment: We're very happy you decided to go with a Massager Machines & More product. We felt we got to know you well even and hoped you liked the reflex roller massager you went with!