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Ultrasonic Face and Body Slimming Massager   Item# MM000211

Ultrasonic Face and Body Slimming Massager
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Ultrasonic Face and Body Slimming Massager

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Product Discontinued

Discontinued: Browse our Face & Eyes Category instead!


WARRANTY / RETURNS: (detailed policies here)
1 year manufacturer's warranty. For hygienic reasons this product is non-returnable, except in the case of a manufacturer's defect.

Item #: MM000211 | Size: 10W 5H 9D inches | Weight: 4 Lbs

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About our Ultrasonic Face and Body Slimming Massager:

Slimming ultra sonic massagerWe have been searching for the best home-use slimming ultrasonic facial and body massager available, and we finally found it! The Slim Ultrasonic Face and Body Massager trims, tones, firms and tightens skin on face, arms, tummy...anywhere!

This device has everything we could ask for:
  • It is cordless, so you can use it easily on any part of the body without a bulky power cord.
  • It is waterproof, so you can use it in the shower or tub!
  • It has specially designed operating modes, one for face and one for body, to deliver the most effective wavelength of ultrasound therapy to those different types of tissue.
  • It has a unique auto-scanning feature which prevents the over-exposure of tissue to the same ultrasonic vibration intensity level - this can form free-radicals and damage skin. Instead, the Slim Ultrasonic automatically changes the frequency as you use it, providing the best overall level of stimulation.

    How Does Ultrasound Therapy Help My Skin?
    Ultrasound has been used by physicians and physical therapists to help tissue repair itself more quickly, reduce inflammation, and alleviate pain. Japanese scientists have translated this technology into a beauty treatment device that works from within to produce younger, healthier looking skin anywhere on the body.

    Ultrasound utilizes sonic vibrations - 1 to 3 million per second - to permeate deep into tissue layers and stimulate cell regeneration. In addition, the ultrasonic waves break up particles ( such as moisture and nutrients) into smaller parts that are more easily absorbed into cells. As the ultrasound vigorously moves molecules, they warm up, improving blood circulation and speeding healing.
    Ultrasonic settings

    Slimming ultrasonic facial and body massager Is it Difficult or Dangerous to Use?
    Not at all! The technology used to create the Slim Ultrasonic Face and Body Massager is deemed completely safe for home use. (Always read the Owner's Manual for safety precautions before using any device or appliance.)

    Before using for the first time you will need to fully charge the battery for about 2 hours.

  • Select the mode (body or face) and intensity level, then apply Navi Gel to the probe head. Navi Gel improves conductivity and the efficacy of the sound waves.

    Ultrasonic face and body settings

  • Move the device around the treatment area in a circular motion for 10 to 20 minutes.

  • The massager automatically shuts off after 5 minutes for safety purposes.

  • Clean gel off body and probe head after use.

    How Often Should I Use the Machine?
    Use this fantastic little machine 5 minutes a day and you will see the results in a few weeks.

    Your Slim Ultrasonic Face and Body Massager includes:
  • Cordless/Rechargeable Ultrasonic Device
  • AC Adapter/Charger
  • 4 Oz. Bottle water-based Navi Gel lotion
  • User Manual

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    While not comparable to surgical results, the Slim Ultrasonic Face and Body Massager will produce younger looking, firmer, toned skin with reduced fine lines and and discolorations: safely and gently, with no down time!

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to health regulations this item is NON RETURNABLE (except in the case of manufacturer's defect.)

    Product Discontinued

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    From: Tina Y.., 10/4

    I seriously love this massager.
    I use it in the bath and it keeps its charge for such a long
    time. My crows feet are tighter and my skin seriously shines.

    I got this because there are both face and body modes, and
    Ive never seen that before.

    I use it on my belly because it is supposed to slim as well
    as tone. I dont know if Im slimmer yet, but I still
    recommend it.


    From: Angie P.., 4/26

    I have been using it for a while and do see a difference in how it takes care of fine lines and skin tone in my face. The change is subtle but noticeable. My skin feels smoother and I get compliments on how young I look. It helped boost my self-confidence!


    From: Carina., 3/15

    It's very easy to use and very gentle. The quality is also very good. It is expensive, but worth it, I think. I haven't found any results yet, but I will continue using it.

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