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The Max Pro Massager

You can use the Max pro-massager on your legs, back, shoulders and feet for a powerful shiatsu massage.

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The Max Pro Massager Shiatsu Massager   Item# MM000084

The Max Pro Massager Shiatsu Massager
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The Max Pro Massager Shiatsu Massager

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Item #: MM000084 | Size: 11W 10H 6D inches | Weight: 10 Lbs

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About our The Max Pro Massager Shiatsu Massager:

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This chrome constructed, heavy duty shiatsu massager was designed to treat your entire body!

Take The Max Pro Massager Shiatsu to the limit and allow it to penetrate those painfully sore muscles or utilize the variable speed dial allowing range of motion from a tapping massage to a strong vibration.

The Max offers three styles of attachments that can be mixed and matched in order to maximize its potential. Put this powerful massager in various positions to target certain areas of your body.

The variable speed dial allows you to adjust from a strong vibration to a tapping massage. Easily select the strength that is best for you.

The large anatomically designed pad contours to your body for an effective overall massage.

Whether you are massaging yourself or others, this heavy-duty device is easy to hold and control. The sturdy round handle has a secure grip and allows for easy maneuvering and can be placed on the floor or on a chair to use on your feet and back.

The Max Pro Massager can be used in a chair for mid & lower back pain, on the floor for sore achy feet, on sore thighs & legs, on shoulders and arms, or for a deep tissue massage on your back! Any way you choose to use it, it is certain to invigorate your entire body!

  • Ideal for Entire Body
  • Used Alone or Used on You
  • Interchangeable Attachments
  • Powerful Professional Quality Shiatsu Massager
  • 120V - 60Hz 40W

    Click on image to see massager full-sized and close-up!

    3 interchangeable Shiatsu head attachments to customize your massage!

    Read reviews about The Max Pro Massager Shiatsu Massager here


    From: Michelle L.., 5/11

    My Max Pro has been a lifesaver! I compete competitively in athletics, and now that I am out of college I find that I still have the same ailments but don't have access to a high caliber training staff to doctor me up. I get really sore muscles and knots in my quads plague me. After a workout, I use the Max Pro on my quads to really break up the lactic acid and work out the soreness. It seriously cuts my recovery time in half, which is so important to me since I am working out the next day and need to recover quickly. My roommates always laugh at me because they find me sitting on the floor with My Max Massager digging into my legs. It does wonders! I have yet to find a massager that simulates a deep tissue massage quite like this one and I tell everyone I know about it!


    From: Kane G.., 4/9

    Almost every night I ask my wife to run the Max massager around my back as I lay on my stomach.
    The interchangeable heads pound into my back, shoulders, and waist giving me an awsome massage/relief.
    It instantly starts to get rid of all the tension that builds up throughout the day.

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