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Shiatsu Squeeze Leg & Calf Massager (Unheated model)   Item# MM000191

Shiatsu Squeeze Leg & Calf Massager (Unheated model)
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Shiatsu Squeeze Leg & Calf Massager (Unheated)1Shiatsu Squeeze Leg & Calf Massager (Unheated)2Shiatsu Squeeze Leg & Calf Massager (Unheated)3

Shiatsu Squeeze Leg & Calf Massager (Unheated model)

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Shiatsu Squeeze Leg & Calf Massager (Unheated model)
Shiatsu Squeeze Leg & Calf Massager with Heat

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WARRANTY / RETURNS: (detailed policies here)
2 year Warranty on parts, and 1 year on labor. 30-day Satisfaction Warranty: see "Returns" above. For sizing, see description below.

Item #: MM000191 | Size: 17W 20H 21D inches | Weight: 32 Lbs

More information about Shiatsu Squeeze Leg & Calf Massager (Unheated model)

About our Shiatsu Squeeze Leg & Calf Massager (Unheated model):

Relaxing Shiatsu Squeeze Massager!
A quality massager that's portable and affordable! Get one of our brand new, in-box, never used or refurbished Amazing Foot and Calf Massagers.

You'll fall in love with these! No tax unless you're in California (sorry!) and FREE SHIPPING too! (Unless you're outside of the contiguous 48)

An alternative to the "mall version", our Shiatsu Squeeze is lighter for increased portability, has a quieter motor, and features an improved padded, kneading massage system.

PLUS Shiatsu rollers targets the calf, arch, and the ball of the foot for the most satisfying shiatsu massage out there!

More relaxing vibration massage modes (compared to the more intense vibration of the mall unit).

Choose from low to medium vibration (or none at all) and 3 operation modes.

This wonderful kneading, rolling, and vibrating leg and foot massager moves and stores easily in your home or office!

At only 23 pounds and equipped with handles, this Shiatsu Leg Massager moves and stores easily, unlike older, heavier versions!


  • Squeezes and massages feet, ankles & calves all at the same time!

  • Flexible air-pressure kneading pads feel like a real massage

  • Special Shiatsu roller targets calf muscles, ball and arch of foot!

  • Reflexology foot plate with a very gentle vibration mode, 2 relaxing speeds

  • Easy access On/Off/Program control pad

  • 15-minute Auto Shut-Off

  • Zip-out hand-washable fabric liner

  • Handles for easy moving and portability

  • Inside measures 14" tall (from heel to the top of the massager), and 13" deep (from heel to front of the massager)

  • Fits calves up to 16" in circumference

  • Three Usage Positions!

    Normal Seated position: Sit in a comfy chair and enjoy!

    Tilted: Use the flip-up bar to angle the massager for a relaxed, seated position.

    Horizontal Position: You can lay the Shiatsu Squeeze Leg & Calf Massager on its "back" and enjoy while lying down, or elevate it and use while seated (Please note: While you can use the Shiatsu Squeeze on its back, we recommend that you place it on a soft surface, such as a pillow, to allow support for the plug that comes out the back of the massager).

    What the Shiatsu Squeeze Leg & Calf Massager can do for you:

  • Kneading action relaxes tissue

  • Melts away tension and reduces stress

  • Soothes and rejuvenates tired muscles

  • Muscle stimulation helps tone, shape and beautify your calf and leg

  • Stimulates blood circulation, preparing your muscles for a workout

  • Extremely effective after exercise to prevent or relieve sore muscles

  • Recover from tension and fatigue more quickly while removing lactic acid from muscle tissue

  • Sizing:
    The Shiatsu Squeeze is manufactured and calibrated to fit an average sized calf/lower leg. Very slender calves or very large calves might not fit comfortably into the machine or receive the total benefits of the massage. In general, people with calves wider than 16 inches in circumference will find this item to be too tight. The inside of the leg massager measures 14 inches (this is from the bottom of your heel, to the top of the massager). The depth of the massager, from the heel to the front, is approximately 13 inches. If you have concerns, please call before purchasing.

    Please Note:
    Pregnant women and persons with any type of cardio-vascular condition (including but not limited to pacemakers) should speak with their physician before using this Massager. People who have had surgery on their feet or ankles may want to consult with a physician before use.
    Not recommended for diabetes or cancer patients without doctor's approval.

    A Shiatsu Massage is historically intense, and this Leg Massager isn't for the faint of heart. Expect a strong massage, especially on the calves.

    Don't accept substitutes

    We love the Shiatsu Squeeze Leg and Calf Massager here at Massager Machines and More, but our absolute favorite is our heated version of this leg massager! It has all the great features of the original, but with an added heat option that helps enhance the massage experience. Check out the Shiatsu Squeeze with heat here!

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    Who loves leg and calf massages?
    -Grandma and Grandpa
    -Food service professionals
    -New Moms
    -Not-so-new Dads
    -Law Enforcement Officers
    -Retail Clerks
    The real question is "Who doesn't?!"

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    Read reviews about Shiatsu Squeeze Leg & Calf Massager (Unheated model) here


    From: Patricia C.., 11/19

    I saw this item at a friends house and decided to get one for myself. It seems to help my leg fatigue. Really wakes them up and makes me feel like the blood is flowing. I think I have wide calves for a woman but it fits me fine. Would recommend.


    From: Caitlin., 11/2

    Good for calf pain. There's a massage roller that hits the back of the calf. It rolls and gets the back of the leg, which I really liked, great pressure reliever. Might be too strong for some but I feel like it's really working out the knots and aches for me.


    From: Mica M.., 4/15

    I got this for mom for an early mother's day gift because I know she loves massages and I know I hate giving them. Sorry mom!

    Mom's a little small and it works best if she sits back in a chair to use this leg massager. She loves the kneading action so much she hates turning it over to dad to use.

    Bonus; Dad has large feet but he fits the massager too. This seems to be important to mom; the fabric liner zips out to wash which she does to, and I quote "Get the old man smell out".

    So happily, mom loved this gift, even better than what sis got her and that's what it is all about.


    From: Tracey N.., 3/30

    I saw this at the mall and wanted to get it but it was 400 dollars after tax so I found this online and the price was good and the massager came with free shipping.
    I called the store to ask if it was the mall version and they told me the vibration on the feet is less strong and that its lighter and more portable but with a great squeezing massage.

    I ordered it because it was on sale and am satisfied. The gripping massage was a little weird at first, but I close my eyes and pretend it's a hottie maseuss and it feels great.


    From: Courtney P.., 6/14

    I bought this for my mother because she has circulation problems in her lower legs, but she said that the kneading action of the massager was painful. I got her the Deep Tissue Foot Massager instead, and kept this for myself, and my husband and I have been enjoying its deep massage. It's good for healthy people who want a vigorous massage, but a vibration based massager where you can control how intense the massage is might be better for people with leg problems.


    From: Allen C.., 11/7

    It is really great... My wife just loves itc


    From: Debbie M., 10/19

    Ordering was a breeze. The machine arrived quickly and with no problems.
    I adore the machine. When I get home from standing and teaching all day, I look forward to my 15 minute leg massage. All the pain and swelling in my legs just melts away. It is my favorite part of my day. I would recommend to anyone.


    From: A.R. Hudson., 10/14

    I am very satisfied with my machine. I am hoping it will help me with my restless legs. I have not had much time to use it, but I plan on getting more use while I watch TV in the evening. Sometimes I am not sure if it helps or aggravates my legs more, but I am still trying to figure it out.


    From: R. Robinson., 10/13

    I love it!

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