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Shea Terra Tamanu Oil   Item# MM000203

Shea Terra Tamanu Oil
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Shea Terra Tamanu Oil

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Item #: MM000203 | Size: 1.5W 3H 1D inches | Weight: 1 Lbs

More information about Shea Terra Tamanu Oil

About our Shea Terra Tamanu Oil:

Amazing, organic, 100% natural skin saver!

We've just discovered another amazing, organic, 100% natural skin saver!
Organic Tamanu Oil comes from the fruit of the Tamanu tree grown in Madagascar. The kernels from the fruit are extracted, dried and cold pressed to retrieve this valuable oil. It takes 100kg (220lb) of Tamanu fruit to get 5kg (11lb) of oil!

Organic Tamanu Oil's many uses
Mostly noted for its ability to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, Organic Tamanu Oil has many other uses. It's a natural antibiotic that can be used to regenerate healthy skin tissue. It's antimicrobial (resists microbes that can cause infection) and can be used to treat cuts, scrapes, burns, scars, rashes, insect bites, athletes foot, ringworm and eczema. Organic Tamanu oil even has analgesic (pain relieving) properties that can be used to naturally relieve mild skin discomfort and speed healing. People have even used the oil externally on the neck to reduce sore throat discomfort!

Natural Healing
Tamanu Oil's light, natural herbal scent makes it a "natural" as healing massage oil! Warm the oil and inhale the relaxing aroma.
As always, Sheaterra products are organic, minimally processed, and contain no artificial or synthetic ingredients. Treat your skin the way nature intended!

Tamanu Oil FAQs:
How do I use Tamanu Oil?
For minor cuts and scrapes: Apply oil with cotton ball or swab and cover with a light sterile dressing.
For facial lines and wrinkles: Cleanse skin using Sheaterra Rose Hip Face Wash and apply oil to facial skin at bedtime. Pat gently until oil is absorbed.
When do I use Tamanu Oil?
You can use it as often as needed! For best results, apply regularly. Natural beauty experts recommend mixing the use of 2 or 3 natural oils in your beauty regimen to obtain the greatest overall benefit. Try our Organic Marula Oil and watch sun spots and discolorations disappear!
What is in this oil?
This Virgin Tamanu Oil contains only 100% Tamanu oil and is organic, using no chemicals in the extraction of oil.
What does Tamanu Oil smell like?
Tamanu Oil has no added fragrance, only a natural nut aroma that is a little bit spicy. If you wear a perfume or fragrance, you may want to use Tamanu Oil at bedtime so it won't interfere.
Who shouldn't use Tamanu Oil?
People with any kind of nut allergy should not use Tamanu Oil. It has been used for thousands of years by many different cultures and prized for its medicinal properties, but as always check with your medical professional if you have questions.

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Product currently unavailable

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