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Rodeo Pro Core Training Machine

Rodeo Pro! The core workout trainer for you.

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Rodeo Pro Core Exercise Machine   Item# MM000091

Rodeo Pro Core Exercise Machine
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Rodeo Pro Core Exercise Machine

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Item #: MM000091 | Size: 21W 24H 30D inches | Weight: 44 Lbs

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About our Rodeo Pro Core Exercise Machine:

Core Exercise is here to stay! Most fitness fads come and go but one trend that's here to stay is Core Training and stability. At such an affordable price, the Rodeo Pro Core Exercise Machine will work the pounds off of you....not your pocketbook.

The Rodeo Pro Core Exercise Machine gives fast results at half the price! So saddle up and call now! Free Direct Shipping

  • Low Impact Core Training

  • An Inner & Front Thigh Workout

  • An Amazing Abdominal & Lower Back Workout!

  • If there is only one phrase in fitness you should know right now, it's "Core Strength." There has been a saying around gyms for a long time "Cadillacs in the front, Volkswagens in the rear", referring to working out your chest without working out your back. Let me tell you, whether you've got Cadillacs or Volkswagens, you aren't going anywhere without a strong core foundation.

    Your "Core" is the foundation for your entire body. What "Core Exercise" refers to is working out the muscles of your abs and back and strengthening their ability to support your spine, keeping your body stable and balanced. When you practice Core Exercise, you reduce back pain and strengthen your abs. When your core muscles are weak, your whole body is weak.

    Training with the Rodeo Pro Core Exercise Machine is much like riding a horse, without the Cows.

    You can manually program the Rodeo Pro by selecting one of the 5 speed settings and programming the timer for 5, 10 or 15 minute intervals.

    You can also choose the Auto-Program button if you would prefer your core workout in varied speeds. Remember, if your core is are weak.

    How The Rodeo Pro Works:
    The Rodeo Pro Core Exercise machine works by constantly throwing you off balance, forcing you to use your abdominal and thigh muscles to re-center yourself. Watch how this amazing equipment can offer you an effective workout, flat stomach and more energy, without exerting much energy at all!

  • Comfortable & Fun to Ride

  • Low Impact Core Exercise

  • Manual or Auto Programming

  • Workout for the ENTIRE Body!

  • Maximum permissible weight of the massager is 220lbs

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