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A lightweight exercise bike for a core workout!

Core exercises will strengthen abs, trim your waist, and tone your legs!

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Rodeo Core Fitness Core Trainer   Item# MM003822

Skip the gym membership with this lightweight core training fitness machine!

Rodeo Core Fitness Core Trainer
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Rodeo Core Fitness Core Trainer

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Item #: MM003822 | Size: 25W 30H 21D inches | Weight: 42 Lbs

More information about Rodeo Core Fitness Core Trainer

About our Rodeo Core Fitness Core Trainer:

A 10-minute workout on the Rodeo Core Fitness Core Trainer burns as many calories as doing 100 complete sit-ups, or taking an hour-long walk!

Deciding that you need to start working out is easy but finding the right exercise routine, the money, the time and the energy is not so easy. Gyms are not close enough to home and exercise equipment can get expensive.

And what do you do about the extra flab in your midsection, not having a flat stomach and the strength in your legs?

Rodeo Core in Use

Burn the same calories of an hour-long walk in 10 minutes at home. With The Rodeo Core Fitness Core Trainer, you can start getting the body you want and start feeling healthy and fit.
The perfect workout machine has been created just for you.

It's small, lightweight, and helps you work on all the problem areas you want to get fit: stomach, waist, lower back, bottom, thighs and calves. Start bringing those skinny clothes out from the back of the closet.

This machine is perfect toning Abs to get rid of unwanted fat in your midsection.

Rodeo Core in Motion

How do I work the machine?
Simple, YOU POWER THE MACHINE! It runs with the movement of your body. Here's how:

1. Sit on the saddle seat, placing one leg on each side.
2. Place both your feet on the bar pedal, press down with your feet, while leaning forward, shifting weight onto your feet.
3. Gently rock back and forth, while the unit makes complete rotations.
4. To slow down, or come to a stop, relax muscles until unit halts. For an immediate stop, lift one foot off the bar pedal and place it directly on the floor.

With such little effort you'd think those calories were burning themselves! Before, reaching your goal weight, getting fit and putting in the work, cost. With the Rodeo Core, there is low effort and high results.

The Rodeo Core 30-second preview

Introducing you to one of the most effective low-impact workouts to stay fit and get high results.

Rodeo Core Fitness Trainer
Product Features:
  • Compact footprint(25x30x21) Takes up the same space as a table chair

  • Energy saving design, operating without electricity

  • Lightweight structure (33 lbs.)

  • Three height variations


    There is no dealing with gym costs, heavy equipment, straining floor exercises or travel time. You won't have to schedule a workout routine. As long as you can spare 10 minutes of your day, you can feel good about the results of the Rodeo Core Trainer.

    Bring the results of the gym and track into the comfort of your living room. The machine takes up about the same amount of space as a table chair, and has an easy 5-step manual set up.

    Unit Parts:
    1. Comfortable padded saddle-seat
    2. Front-balancing handgrip
    3. Foot gripping bar pedal
    4. Height adjustment knob
    5. Front and back stabilizers
    6. Wheel and crank manual motor main frame

    Set it in front of the TV, get on, and workout while watching your favorite crime solving detective series.

    The more you use this machine you may notice an increase in energy. This system is made to get your core strong. While you are using the machine, your blood circulation increases, helping your muscles get stronger. A strong core means less pain in your lower back and more energy to be active in your everyday life. And with the time saved in using the Rodeo Core, take a day off and paint the town.

    Let's leave the muffin-top business to the bakery, and you work on staying fit and feeling good.

    The Rodeo Core Introduction

    Get fit in your own home with minimal effort and maximum results.

  • 250lbs weight limitation

  • For sitting exercise only as instructed

  • Intended for use by single individual at a time

  • Suggested maximum exercise usage time on unit is 30 minutes per session

  • Make sure that the body is stretched and warmed up before using unit

  • Recommended placing a mat between the unit and the floor, to prevent scratches to floor or slipping of unit

  • Safety:
  • Not suitable for children under 12 and seniors over 65

  • Not suitable for persons pregnant or suffering from acute ailments, serious illness, serious disease (e.g. heart disease), burns or swelling of skin, and fractures or joint dislocations

  • Please stop use immediately if unit starts to feel shaky and inspect unit for loose screws, or if part of the unit becomes damaged. Contact manufacturer with major issues.

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