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The Reflex Roller: Treat yourself to a foot massage or leg massage today!

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Reflex Roller Foot & Leg Massager   Item# MM000029

Reflex Roller Foot & Leg Massager
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Reflex Roller Foot & Leg Massager

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WARRANTY / RETURNS: (detailed policies here)
2-year Warranty on parts, 1 year on labor. 30-day Satisfaction Warranty: see "Returns" above.

Item #: MM000029 | Size: 19W 12H 8D inches | Weight: 12 Lbs

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About our Reflex Roller Foot & Leg Massager:

The Reflex Roller Massager is the ultimate reflexology foot and body massager. The Reflex Roller is sure to deliver hours of the most exquisite massage you have ever experienced from a machine! The benefits of a "Hands on Massage" are no longer limited to a massage therapist, now you can reap these same benefits anytime and anywhere!

The Reflex Roller Massager combines the ancient Asian principles of Shiatsu and reflexology into a device that will literally "Tickle your Senses." Reflexology recognizes that there are some reflex points in the feet directly related to internal organs.
By stimulating these acupressure points, different vital functions may be stimulated to enhance your body overall.

The Reflex Roller helps to relieve nervous tension, activates nerve endings in your feet, improves blood circulation, stimulates the internal organs, aids in restoring restful sleep, renews vitality and health.


- REFLEXOLOGY with our Reflex Roller-

Rolling MassageKneading Massage

Using ROLLING and KNEADING action with a variable speed control, the Reflex Roller is the most effective kneading massager on the market today. You can adjust the pressure of your massage by placing additional padding such as a towel over the rotating roller. The Reflex Roller has directional control (Forward, Reverse) to properly move blood and toxins in the correct direction.

Looking for an extra replacement cover? We've got 'em! Reflex Roller Cover.

The Reflex Roller Massager:
- Helps Relieve Nervous Tension
- Stimulates Nerve Endings in the Feet
- Improves Blood Circulation
- Provides Relaxation
- Aids in Restoring Restful Sleep
- Renews Vitality and Healthy Living
- Great for Home or the Office

- Variable Speed Control
- Directional (Forward, Reverse) Control
- Kneading and Rolling Action
- For Foot, Calf, Thigh, Waist & Back
- Easily Portable for Home or Office

Product currently unavailable

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From: J. Calhoun., 1/29

Really versatile machine. Use it on my feet and calves but also against a chair to massage my back. I had my first one for 6 years before it finally started having problems. But I liked it so much I bought it again. Here? to another 6 years!


From: S Jaster., 5/9

I can't begin to tell you how very, very much I am enjoying the Reflex Massager. I was diagnosed with Plantar Faciitis six weeks ago and in such pain in my heal. The doctor told me to wear the nite brace which I did and it did help ....some...when I first got out of bed. But then my boss gave me her very old Reflex Roller and I used it for two weeks. I returned it to her and found the one I bought from you on line. It is the best thing that has happened to me for my sore heel. I use it at least six times a day at different times, mostly when I am watching t.v.
I have told all my friends about it and have given them your website. I just hope I don't wear it out. No, really.... I hope using it that often won't burn out the motor or something. I'd be lost without it.


From: S.N.., 1/20

I got this Reflex Roller for Christmas last year and love it. By the time I get home everyday my feet are so sore I can't wait to get them rubbed, but since I live alone this is the perfect tool. It actually feels better than getting my feet rubbed. In the beginning it was a little hard to find a setting that wouldn't tickle me, but now that I've found it, I can use it all day long. The great thing about it is you can also use it on your entire legs. I also love using it on my back when I'm really sore.

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