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Portable Shiatsu Back Massager - Heated Car / Seat Massager   Item# MM000261

Portable Shiatsu Back Massager - Heated Car / Seat Massager
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Portable Shiatsu Back Massager - Heated Car / Seat Massager

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WARRANTY / RETURNS: (detailed policies here)
2-year Warranty on parts, 1 year on labor. 30-day Satisfaction Warranty: see "Returns" above.

Item #: MM000261 | Size: 42.5W 17.3H 3.94D inches | Weight: 19 Lbs

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About our Portable Shiatsu Back Massager - Heated Car / Seat Massager:

Heat Therapy, Seat Vibration, and Dual-Rotating Shiatsu Massage Nodes

Our Portable Shiatsu Back Massager provides an intense (and no, we are not exaggerating-this baby is powerful!), deep, and refreshing Shiatsu massage for your total back, in the car, at the office, or even for an at-home massage! (Read more about the Shiatsu technique here »».)

A Heated Massager for the home, car, or office!

Use the remote to select from four pre-programmed total back/body massages, that each focus on different parts of the back. Heated massage, vibration massage, and Shiatsu massage styles rolled into one incredible (and portable) machine.
The dual Shiatsu Massage nodes work wonders on tight or tired lower backs.

Great for commuters and people stuck in traffic!
This Portable Seat Massagers goes from your home, to the road to your office with ease.

Car seat massager with heat

Car / Seat Shiatsu Massager Features:

  • Car Adaptor

  • AC Wall Adaptor for the home or office

  • Heat Option

  • Four Pre-programmed Massages:

    -Full Back Massage Mode

    -Upper Back Massage Only Mode (Mid to Upper Back)

    -Lower Back Only Mode (Lower to Mid Back)


    -Demo Massage Cycle Mode--

    Brief massages from the full back, upper back, and lower back Shiatsu Massage options

  • Seat Vibration Option

  • Comfort Seat Padding

  • Storage pocket for easy-access to hand-held remote

  • Automatic Shut-off after 15 minutes

  • Adjustable straps to secure the massager to any seat!

  • Safety Feature: heat cannot be turned on if a massage is not selected

  • No longer do you need to spend any unnecessary money to keep different massagers in each place--in the car, at the office, or at home. At only 9lbs, this Back Massager can go anywhere! (Please note: the real item weight is 9lbs, the larger weight listed above at 19lbs is the dimensional, boxed weight for shipping purposes only)

    If you are a smaller/shorter person, this product may be too intense for your liking.

    Product currently unavailable

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    From: Massager Machines and More Shop Manager., 1/20

    We've carried this back massager for years and so we've heard a lot of feedback from our customers. We'll let you in on what they tell us:

    Great for solid chairs such as an office chair but very intense on well-padded chairs and very soft sofas. This item can sink into soft cushions which allows the Shiatsu Massage nodes to give a deeper massage that can be uncomfortable for some.

    **Helpful Tip: Simply use the item on a more solid chair or use the included faux-leather cover, it softens the massage intensity and puts a soft barrier between the massage nodes and your back for a more relaxing massage.

    Great for men, and some women. This is a deep-tissue style massager so our male customers seem to enjoy the Shiatsu-pressure, while some female customers, especially petite ones, find it too strong.

    Unique dual power options are great and everyone seems to have success with in-home use, but please check your vehicle to make sure it will accommodate the extra inches that this massager will add. If you're already pressed for room we don't know if this is the best option for you.

    We've also heard that passengers love to have this item on long road trips, but drivers need to use their best judgement before combining massage and vehicle operation.

    We hope this helps and please feel free to contact our customer service team if you have any questions! M-F 9:30am-5:30pm PST, Toll-Free 1-800-438-8143.


    From: Sharon P.., 4/27

    This massager is awesome! I love how portable it is - if you have an office job that keeps you glued to computer, it can really take a toll on your back and shoulders. I can use this in the car on the way to work, and again while I'm there. It comes with a car adapter that allows you to do just that!

    Next time I have a long ride in the car ahead of me, I will definitely be bringing this with me. It feels just as good as human hands working on my back, and has many settings so you can adjust to what you need massaged. There is a button for heat, seat vibration with low, medium and high settings and kneading shiatsu settings of lower, upper, and full back massage- trust me, theyre all great!

    Orange, CA


    From: Joyce C.., 9/1

    I'm 5'3" and I bought this for myself, but it was too strong and hit in all the wrong places when I tried using it, so I gave it to my husband, who is 5'10" and he says it really works well for him.


    From: Hanna D.., 8/21

    As a massager, its fantastic! Gives a great powerful massage, like human hands. My only complaint is that its uncomfortable on the chair so you have to move it if you're not using it, but its light and easy to move.

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