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E-Z Cycle Motorized Exercise Bike   Item# MM000069

E-Z Cycle Motorized Exercise Bike
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E-Z Cycle Motorized Exercise Bike1

E-Z Cycle Motorized Exercise Bike

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Item #: MM000069 | Size: 18W 16H 14D inches | Weight: 22 Lbs

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About our E-Z Cycle Motorized Exercise Bike:

Get those legs moving! The E-Z Cycle tones muscles and improves flexibility as it provides aerobic benefits such as increased metabolism, circulation, and oxygenation. The E-Z Cycle utilizes a smooth, circular cycling motion to provide an effective cardiovascular workout, even for those with limited mobility. It can also be adapted to exercise arms and shoulders!

A 20-minute session on the E-Z Cycle burns 120 calories, safely and easily. Increase the speed as you improve. The convenient, easy-to-read digital display helps you keep track of your progress!

The E-Z Cycle is great for physical therapy, post-surgery rehab and more* and can be used by many people who must avoid the harsh pounding of impact activities. It is easy to use in the comfort of your home...use it while you watch TV and get the benefits of a brisk 35-minute walk in only 10 minutes! Use it every day to maintain muscle tone and joint flexibility without wear and tear.

1) To exercise the lower body: place feet into the pedal straps, adjust the straps snugly, set desired speed and allow the motor to drive your movement.
2) For upper body: place the machine on a table top at a comfortable height and put hands into the straps.

Includes handy remote control with 15-minute timer and variable speed control (AAA battery included).

  • Tones muscles
  • Burns calories
  • Increases metabolism
  • Increases circulation
  • Raises oxygen levels
  • Reduces muscle cramping
  • Improves flexibility (without stress on joints)
  • Relieves tension
  • Increases energy
  • Can be used for both lower and upper body workouts

  • Digital display keeps track of calories, revolutions, and time!
  • Remote timer/speed control
  • The convenient portable design allows you to exercise anywhere and anytime!
  • 74 +/- 6 RPMs top speed

    Minor assembly required.

    *Always consult a medical professional before you begin an exercise program, especially if you have undergone surgery or are under treatment for conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, or other serious illnesses.

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    From: Dennis., 3/20

    The ordering experience was a pleasant one. No problems. Product is what I expected. My son was
    hurt on a motorcycle and is in a wheelchair. We are using the bike as part of his therapy. Probably not the intended use but it is a helpful tool.

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