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The bamboo vinegar patch that helps you detoxify by drawing impurities out through your feet.

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Chikusaku Bamboo Vinegar Foot Detox Patches - 8 pack   Item# MM000093

Chikusaku Bamboo Vinegar  Foot Detox Patches - 8 pack
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Chikusaku Bamboo Vinegar  Foot Detox Patches - 8 pack1Chikusaku Bamboo Vinegar  Foot Detox Patches - 8 pack2Chikusaku Bamboo Vinegar  Foot Detox Patches - 8 pack3

Chikusaku Bamboo Vinegar Foot Detox Patches - 8 pack

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Non-Returnable Item due to Health Code Regulations.

Item #: MM000093 | Size: 6W 9H 1D inches | Weight: 1 Lbs

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About our Chikusaku Bamboo Vinegar Foot Detox Patches - 8 pack:

Japanese Detox Foot Patches are all the rage and now you can get them without paying an outrageous price!

We've been selling these Foot Detox Patches since before they became a fad and still have some of the best pricing you'll find anywhere, as well as the nicest customer support you'll come across on the web.

LIMITED TIME! $12.50 for an 8 pack (This page) or get a box of 32 for only $27.00! (Click here)>>>
(It's like getting a box of 8 patches absolutely free!)

Special Offer! LIMITED TIME ONLY, get one box of 8 FREE when you order 4 packs of 32!
Order 4 (or in multiples of 4) from the 32-pack page and we'll add a free 8-pack automatically for every 4 you order.
detox patch
Over 18 million foot patches are sold every month in Asia!
Our amazing Chikusaku Foot Detox Patches are made from bamboo vinegar, an ingredient Japanese scientists have proven has the ability to draw out toxins from the body. These foot detox pads are world renowned, have been used in Asia for years and are just now being recognized for their health benefits in the West. Now see what they can do for you!

People say that large amounts of toxins in your system contribute to a vast array of health issues.
Even before you are born, you are exposed to thousands of harsh toxins and nasty chemicals on a daily basis. They're in the food you eat, the air you breathe, even in the pills you take to make yourself feel better. Over time these toxins build up in the body and put pressure on your vital organs. In addition, human beings are now adding more processed foods to their diets and getting far less exercise than at any time in history. Did you know that large amounts of toxins in your system can contribute to a vast array of health issues?

Our Detox Patches for feet are produced by a Japanese company that believe that feet are a "detox portal" and that keeping your body clear of toxins may help you live a longer, stronger and healthier life. Detox patches are said to stimulate nerve endings on the bottom of your feet which, in turn, stimulate the secretion of lymph fluid. Now that we know why it is crucial to cleanse and detoxify our body regularly, we have to know how to do it properly.

People say they are amazed by the results!
These disposable patches are said to have the ability to pull out the impurities in your body by focusing on the acupressure points in your feet.
Simply stick a self-adhesive patch to the soles of each foot just before bedtime. During the night toxins are pulled from your body and drained into the little pouches at the bottom of your feet.
Observe how much of the toxins are being drawn from your body on a daily basis. Our customer who swear by these say they love the results and begin to see a tremendous improvement to their health.

foot detox patches in use!

Best of all, they are so easy to use.
The patches may be applied to many parts of the body but you will see the most dramatic patch coloration results by applying them to the soles of your feet.
In the morning, dispose of both patches.
It's really as easy as that.

The Bamboo Vinegar Detox Patches are available in an 8-pack box, equivalent to 4 uses or a 32-pack box equivalent to 16 uses (click here to order) >>>.
The 32-pack is a great savings! It's like buying four 8-packs for the price of three!

  • Easy to Use
  • Disposable
  • No Mess
  • Available in Large Quantity Pack
  • Improves your Overall Health!

    Note: Bamboo Vinegar Detox Patches are for topical use only. Not to be ingested. Should allergic reaction occur remove patches immediately.

    -- Bamboo Vinegar
    -- Tourmaline
    -- Dextrin
    -- Cellulose
    -- Powdered Doku-Dami (anti-oxidant)
    -- Powdered Loquat Leaves (anti-oxidant)
    -- Chitosan (assists in dermal transfer, derived from crustacean shells)
    -- Vitamin C (anti-oxidant, cell builder)

    Portable steam sauna

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    From: Jessie Y.., 2/6

    My mom found these at a local Japanese supermarket, and was so impressed with them that she got me to buy an 8pack for her online. She will probably want the 32pack nextc

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