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Air Med Massage Chair 7000   Item# MM000003

Air Med Massage Chair 7000
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Air Med Massage Chair 70001

Air Med Massage Chair 7000

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Product Discontinued

Discontinued: Browse our Massage Chair & Loungers Category instead!


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3 year Warranty. 1 year on labor. 3 years on parts.

Item #: MM000003 | Size: 45W 33H 31D inches | Weight: 210 Lbs

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About our Air Med Massage Chair 7000:


Air-med Massage Chair is the comfort of the contoured chair as it wraps itself around you like a glove. This Innovative roller system replaces traditional massage techniques. The roller moves along the spine to deeply massage the spinal muscles providing relief from aches and pain. Add vibration massage to loosen stiff muscles, promote better circulation and enhance energy. The massage mechanism has been redesigned to be smoother than previous models and it is the MOST AGGRESSIVE, DEEP TISSUE MASSAGES ON THE MARKET!
The new technology now incorporates an air bladder system to squeeze your calves, thighs and buttocks, and back, to move blood and toxins through your body, making this the only true FULL BODY massage chair design.
The air system can be operated at multiple levels and independently for a soft massage including your back.
To read about this chairEs specs in more detail, please see the massage chair comparison chart at the bottom of the page.

The Air-Med Massage chair features many comfort advantages!

It has back heat, two levels of vibration, manual and automatic massage settings controls, width and location adjustment, three levels of massages ranging from weak to strong while in the kneading or tapping mode, one-touch recline and will automatically bring you up when you turn it off. You can manually lift the leg rest, and it even has a Nap Mode. (Set the time for your massage, then set the time for your nap.)

The Air-Med will turn itself on and wake you up!
Order one today for a better more relaxed everyday massage!

Back Massage:
Roller Massage
Rollers moving along the spine with chiropractic massage action that lifts and pushes away fatigue.

Contoured Seat
Ergonomically designed seat supports your back and maintains a comfortable posture.

Air Massage
Unique to the Air-Med chair. Air massages the thighs and lumbar region. The palm pressure massage from these air bags pushes stretches and relaxes the thighs and back muscles, aiding in the recovery from fatigue and strains.

Vibration massage
Micro vibrators send rippling waves that penetrate the muscles and soothe away soreness and aches. Select the desired intensity of vibration and feel the tightness fade away as waves of vibration caresses and invigorates the muscles while encouraging better circulation.

Heat Therapy
Feel the calming soothing effect of heat on sore muscles while enjoying an invigorating massage.

Seat & Calf Massage:
Upper Thighs
Massage the upper thighs and buttocks area with palm like massager.

Full Calf Cradle
The extra long leg rest cradles the calves for a through massage.

Triple massage treatment for the calves, pressure massage from the left, right and rear airbags massages the calf muscles for instant relief.

Air gentle yet strong. Feel the harnessed power of air pushed against a stiff aching back or tired muscles. Feel the air push the fatigue away. Experience strategically placed airbags that inflates and deflates to give a therapeutic palm massage.

Pre-Programmed Massage:

Auto Roller Massage
Tapping, Kneading and rolling.

Auto Air Massage
A gentle yet strong massage treatment for the lower back, seat and calves.

Health Time Massage
An Intensive 15-minute session that combines all the massage functions.

Rest Time Massage
A gentle massage for relaxation and rest. Set the timer for a soothing wake up massage.

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* Model : US7000 Air Med Chair
* Electricity : 100-120V/50-60Hz
* Power Consumption : 20-250W
* Rating Time : 30 minutes
* Auto Timer : 15 minutes
* Lying Angle : 122 -175 degrees
* Reclining Angle (Auto) : Adjustable to 160" stepless against floor
* Dimensions : W40 x D35 x H41 (inch)
* Net Weight : Approx. 165 Lbs

Product Discontinued

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